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February 23, 2019

A highly effective PMO can be a major player in supporting growth. This is my My3rd post about PMO playing a larger part in the overall business model.

I believe that an effective organisation can use their PMO to support their strategy, does your business follow a PMO method of managing major change in your organisations journey? Does your PMO (if one exists) work far enough into the sales / growth process? does the PMO sit at the board table, if not what could this cost the business in the long run?

Is your PMO educating senior teams and front-line managers to understand the importance of solid and meaningful PMO activity? Digital Transformation is on everyone’s lips, but do they also realise that a backbone of the change is solid PMO activity to enhance and support the people and process changes required to take on new tech? A great PMO can be the righthand person to the CEO / MD, it can keep things honest and alert danger when to many initiatives are overloading the people on the ground. A smart PMO will track change at all levels and ensure an aligned results based approach to the business model…..

Since my original post I have had several comments about communication, I wondered what else is missing to the model to make an highly effective PMO?

If your starting the journey of deploying a PMO or need assistance or a supporting eye, please drop me a note. I would love to hear your continued views on how an effective PMO can support the business goals.


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