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Written by Bispham Gate

September 2, 2019

I was very pleased to be asked to contribute to a Special report, Emma DeVita, the Editor for the Project Magazine. Being a Fellow within the APM, I wanted to help bring attention to the VERY Important subject of Mental Wellbeing and the ways stress can become an extremely dangerous sub product of running major change departments. The subject Emma highlights in the Under-Pressure report, focuses on the Time to talk about the subject off stress and how to best alleviate them. Emma discusses the HOT subject with Dr Clara Cheung a lecturer at the University of Manchester, who conducted research into Workplace wellbeing for Project Professionals. Below is an extract from the article, with my views and advice, the full report from Dr Cheung will be available to download at the end of September on the APM website. If any business or anyone on a personal level would like to discuss the subject, please DM me for a conversation.


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