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Written by Bispham Gate

February 23, 2020

Here at Bispham Gate, we believe an effective PMO (Project Management Office) will help design and drive business success…

Why do we say this?

Project Leadership & PMO methodology is proven to assist businesses strategy and more importantly the delivery of change. The PMO will pull all the known and emerging challenges into one view of the world and help the teams focus on what is critical in delivering Transformational change, so, if businesses want to be successful, they need to align business delivery with their excellence teams.

If businesses are not already using their Project team’s expertise in this area, they should consider changing their direction of travel. We passionately believe that Organisations that use their PMO to support/drive their strategy, will be the ones who will accelerate and maintain business progress.

Why should (you may ask) boards put more trust in their PMO to deliver the business strategy? We believe the PMO can help in the following ways.

Never before have the skills that a true PMO can bring been more business-critical:

Defining the transformation journey – The PMO should drive the definition and design (with Executive and Leadership teams) of the business plans for 1 to 5 years, so it is clear to everyone what we are trying to achieve. They will Use project tools and reporting methods to help keep everything on track and everyone informed on the progress of the strategy and its impact on business.

Driving Stakeholder Engagement – The PMO Leadership will help senior players in the team understand their roles and help them drive the business agenda. You may say that you already do this with specific projects and why would a PMO be any different from the usual management of projects? A highly effective PMO also measures the risk involved in placing change in a business area and it also measures the holistic capabilities of the business stakeholders who are there to deliver the growth or change projects….

Designs and delivers an effective Communication strategy – The PMO should work to ensure that everyone from the board level to the guys on the ground is given a clear and simple to digest communications message. No jargon, not corporate speak, only plain talking within the communication strategy and what is in it for the people delivering the change or business plan.

So simply put. a great PMO will help crystalise the journey ahead, ensuring that everyone involved in the business journey are well informed and educated on their roles to play. So get ahead and ensure you’re utilising the skills around you and if you don’t have these skills, drop us a call….

If you would like any further guidance on change and ways to manage its impact on business. Please contact us at [email protected] or check out our website at,


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