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Sometimes we just need a helping hand or indeed just another pair of hands to help with the challenges

Do you need a Trusted advisor?

Business change and business strategy can be a very taxing or difficult subject to get off the ground when everything around you pulls you to the day job. We can help with being that extra pair of experienced hands to drive the required known or unknown change in your organisation’s behaviour.

Our team of executive level managers will support your business from boardroom activities to ensuring the projects and programmes most important to you are delivered. We recognise that the position of leadership starts from listening and understanding the opportunities and challenges of our clients, we will then give advice and help deliver that advice if this is the desired outcome.

We can support your business with hands-on leadership support in several ways:

  • Executive support in general business strategy – So a trusted advisor role is our approach to helping business grow and remain sustainable. We will integrate with your board team to assist in the business direction and areas we see could be improved or leveraged.
  • Leadership of major change events in your business development – Our expertise is in change and delivering board level expectations, we can deploy leaders to help do some of this heavy lifting.
  • Health checks and walking the present operation – Your business may just need a health check to see where it could be improved or changed to drive the business strategy.
  • Our Deployed leader will help define the areas of tech or reporting that will help your business make better informed decisions, based on data capture and reporting.

Recent business we have supported:

  • Fast growing construction business – They needed board level support to ensure they had covered their growth areas with good risk management and appropriate contracts to the market.
  • Outsourcing v Insourcing – Our team worked on present cost and performance with our client and then completed an evaluation to find suitable alternative partners.
  • Business transformation – Our team supported a business in transforming and developing their present operation into a more effective and higher performing site.

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