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Instil Bio, Inc is a global, clinical-stage cell therapy company developing tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TIL) for the treatment of cancer. We are building on the decades-long foundation of TIL efficacy in treating solid tumors, applying our cell therapy experience and TIL manufacturing platform to bring the promise of TIL therapy to patients in need.

Instil Bio has research and cell therapy manufacturing facilities in Los Angeles, CA and Manchester, UK, with corporate offices in Dallas, TX.

What Key challenges and Opportunities Did Bispham Gate support you on?
Instil Bio are an innovative cancer therapy company based on research carried out at Manchester University into solid tumour cancers. The company is now rapidly expanding to support clinical trial manufacturing. As such people, infrastructure, systems and procedures all required a thorough review in late 2020 and early 2021 to enable significant scale-up of operations and successful clinical trial manufacture.

How would you best describe the support and effectiveness of the support you received?
Trevor and Eddy De Jong brought a mixture of experience, contacts and a can-do attitude to support our ambitious project. This enabled Instil Bio to turbocharge activities and complete a radical overhaul of all supply chain practices within 6 months of project start-up. Within this approach, there was a high degree of flexibility from the Bispham Gate team to adapt to new information and tailor their approach to keep challenging timelines on track and still create a fully working solution.

What would be your highlight of the whole experience working with Bispham Gate?
There are many highlights to choose from. I think how Trevor works with people is the main one – a very effective combination of helping set and achieve challenging goals together with the time taken to build effective relationships across teams he works with. The result is that people achieve more than they thought possible in a positive and productive team environment. I thoroughly recommend anyone with a similar challenge to work with Trevor and a team who can help turn ambitious plans into working reality.

Mark Ewing
Supply Chain and Facilities Director

Instil Bio UK


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