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About Nutri Advanced

In 1981, leading naturopath Norman Eddie set out with his son, Ken, to raise awareness among health professionals of the benefits nutritional supplements could offer. They did this by introducing a specialist range of premium quality products to the UK market. Ever since Nutri Advanced, now headed by Ken Eddie, has been at the forefront of nutritional research and innovation, educating health professionals and offering unrivalled levels of customer support.

As the industry evolved and grew, Nutri Advanced continued to win the trust of practitioners the length and breadth of the country. And by continuing to use leading scientific research to develop innovative, premium quality, highly effective products, Nutri Advanced has kept its position as a pioneer and leader in nutrition.

What Key challenges and Opportunities Did Bispham Gate support you on?
We brought Bispham Gate in to help us resolve some major problems we had with the storage capacity in our warehouse, that would have affected our ability to grow or sustain volumes in fast changing times. We also needed to improve our picking area as our volume of orders had increased dramatically in the last few years. A new warehouse layout was designed and implemented which included moving existing racking and some new additional racking has been installed.

How would you best describe the support and effectiveness of the support you received?
Trevor and Mark completely revised the racking for the picking area and again increased shelf capacity allowing us to have far more stock on the picking faces therefore improving capacity. Trevor worked closely with our warehouse manager Mark to look at the existing layout of the warehouse and identify where improvements could be made. By the intelligent use and reconfiguring of our existing racking we have now increased our warehouse storage and picking capacity by around 35% which gives us plenty of scope for growth of the business for the next two to three years.

What would be your highlight of the whole experience working with Bispham Gate?
Trevor has project managed the job from start to finish and has been hands-on throughout the project helping to get it implemented in a short period. Trevor has also mentored Mark and Liam the warehouse managers, to help them with the management of goods in and goods out processes to maximise storage use and outbound activity.

Trevor is continuing to work with us on other projects within the business.

Ken Eddie
Managing Director
Nutri Advanced Ltd



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