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Written by Bispham Gate

October 7, 2021

Project closure is a very important point in any projects journey and a very nice feeling when the customer gives excellent feedback on how we have supported their journey.

Our sponsor at Hologic Manchester gave a massive thanks to our project manager for his support and drive to help us achieve a good result. We obviously can’t achieve great results without good work stream engagement and everyone pulling together … thanks to every work stream lead involved, in making the change successful.

The new build facility is already making a great positive step change, supporting the growth in manufacturing across the campus.
The photos are a reflection of the new site journey which was also aligned to the old facility being decomitioned and activities transferred between Logistics and Facilities teams working hand-in- hand to make it all work….
New sites had New temp control and storage implemented, New racking,safety layouts, offices, IT and QA systems implemented on time…..creating a fantastic working environment.

All the above was completed with very strict COVID restrictions in place, but this didn’t stop the teams delivering the change, which shows the adaptability of people in the way we can work to make a good news story……even in times of adversity.


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